CCLSS 2nd Release with small changes.

The Conwy Castle Limited Steam Special v1.1 update now available for download.

This updated scenario contains the Class 390 Virgin Trains livery as well as Class 350. Class 350 required the London-Brighton route add-on to work.

The Class 390 in first scenario v1.0 contains the LMS Class 390 instead of the original Virgin Train version and is now acurate to the timetable. The Class 350 replaces Class 321 departing at Crewe platform 11 and fits now the original EMU as it is sheduled in the original timetable.

The reskins of Class 350 and Class 390 are available for download at the downloadpage of DPsimulations. Please be sure you have the reskins installed properly as noticed in the installation manual provided by DPsimulation / R. Fletcher 72.