Regular streaming

Steamtrains Unlimited went streaming on regular base. The first test period is finished with good results. All streamings will be at Twitch as this moment and will be in different languages such as English, Dutch and occasionally in German.

Aiming to broadcast every Tuesday and Friday or Saturday with regular scheduled scenarios driven for the most of the time by steam locomotives in all shapes and varieties. Times are set at 19:30 CET to 22:30 CET (18:30 GMT to 21:30 GMT) unless notified otherwise.

The streams can be divided in different categories:

  • Regular streaming om scheduled base

  • Steam-Specials@Stream-Specials. These are events for special stream events mostly with longer scenario’s for over two hours.

  • Talk-n-Steam (regular event Driving and Chilling conversation at the same time using Discord)

  • Tutorials

Talk-n-Steam is under development and will set a flow of a new era of chat and chill while streaming. This will also be done when tutorials will be broadcasted at Twitch. We keep you in touch about the progress of the “Talk-n-stream” project.

A Twitch Button in integrated at the page down left showing off the status of the stream. Please click the Button to get to the Twitch channel of Steamtrains Unlimited when the stream went live.