Reviewed routes will be on this page in the near by future. Soecial routes that were in the past time mainly hauled by steam trains will be reviewed here.

Steam on the Sierra

One of the best freeware route is the “Steam on the Sierra” This amazing route brings Spain into your trainSim. This fictional route contains some major aspects and the route contians also narrow gauge. The narrow gauge line is mainly hauled by steam hauled trains on which BeeKay provided the material for it.

The line runs mainly on two gauges. 1000 mm and 1668 mm track gauge. You need to download severall additional lines as add-on but most of the assest are provided in a special download link at

We will look deeper into the steamhauled part of the line that is hauled by CP Mallet and Mikado loco’s that is dopwnloadabloe at this website in the downloadstore.

The line starts in “Aguada Villanove de Salida” and even this city contains some trams lines as well.

Now the tramlines does not contain some historic trams but in case of the track width, the best way to drive the tram is by using the Croydon Tram or equivalent model/repaint just because the boogies are covered up and therefore the tram seems to fit the narrow 1000 mm track. Though the tram is slightly to large for this city. The Mallets from BeeKay are also useable for these tram lines.

The Two steam locomotives class 241 and class 242 that are required for the Spanish and Portugese wide track gauge are fittet with the common Black 5 cabin that comes with the Eurpean Asset Pack.

Though the other engines like the 269 is equiped with the cabin of the class Br 143 and the dieslels are used witht he cvab if the class 47 of the BR. However we drive the 241 with a local express  with a goods wagon and some types Bm like coaches in green livery.

The routes looks very Mediteranian as well as it should be in Spain and Portugal. The wide gauge track enforced this Mediteranian feelings as well. The sun is shinning brightly and the fire is well prepared for the ruin to the trains destination. We pass some typical Spanish villages leavging an imprint behind of the local ease.

Though steam in this fictional line is not been ceased, but still the modernisation is at hand. This is represenative due to the class 269 ion yellow livery that comes with the assets you need for this amazing Spanish Portugese route. Never the less the route goes towards some amazing remarkable landmarks.

The narrow gauge track and line goes from Alblana in the North of the country to Livraçao and goed straight throught the Mediteranian mountains with some tight hairpin curves. Pine trees are covering the hills along the trackside and a river follows the line as well.

A depot at Ablaña and Livraςao gives an atmosphere right from the steam era. while steam is the main traction on the narrow gauge line. The typical wooden coached and the wooden wagons are telling some story of history and you will dweel in that era of steam in the Mediteranian. You truly get a feeling of wearing a sombrero during the noon when the sun is at the highest point.

Starting at Livraςao you will soon leave the 1668 mm electirfied mainline which goes towards, we will divide to the left and through the countryside to Orbonera. From Orbonera the oline will follow the valley with at the other side the electrified mainline and a river in between.

The route itself is very detailed and there is payed a lot of attention to the environment as well. This results in a perfect fictional route based opn the Portugese and Spanish landscape and even culture. The presence of the typical assets like vehicles of the 60’s and 70’s enforced the era of steam at that time. The houses are even older and based on the real estates in these period, giving a fine detailed image of the boulevards and avenues from that time. Large fences with detailed iron cast barriers is one severall places. The light poles speaks out of the immense attention the creator has brought into this route.

The railway is crawling through the mountains. The creation of the route is based on real issues such as railway dikes bordered with an fence of stone. Bridges and even a tunnel is present.

The signalling system is British based like the light signals and the semaphores and even the speed post are British. The use of the British signal system is quite obvious because the British Signals are widely present in the majority of routes that are available. Not only the narrow gauge line has been fitted with semaphores but also the Mainline is equiped with British signals.

The depot at Ablaña has three engines in restoration one Mallet and two Mikado’s. All gathered before the shed having a nap and are ready for the next run.

The line itself became boosted after BeeKay has brought the narrow gauge trainsets and engines because there was not any rolling stock available for this narrow gauge route so far.

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